Welcome to Dunlooken Farm.

The 2015 CSA season is here! This year brings our 10th CSA season. Our CSA is more about a way of life, than it is a business. We want everyone to be able to get there vegetables straight from the ground! We enjoy sharing our farm with our members and being their farmer.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us! We love to chat, and share stories.

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Welcome, we hope to inform you all about the Nohr-Mattson Farm (Dunlooken) in Glencoe Minnesota. We are always VERY busy with many things and want to share it with you. Farm history

In 2006, we started a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It was a lot of work and fun. You too can own a share in our garden and receive veggies once a week during the growing season. CSA details


We have been raising Dairy Goats for over 25 years for milk, and to show. Our chickens are free range and have been giving lots of eggs. We also have ducks, horses, and the occasional pig or cow. About the animals


Join our E-Pick program for on-demand fresh vegetables or stop by our roadside stand on Saturday mornings—available mid-June to October, 9 am–noon. E-Pick sign-up and farm directions